My Way
to Success

South Tyrol, beyond and back. As Manager and CHRO (Executive Board Member) of an important German multinational GDO company, I mainly dealt with Human Resources management, as well as Sales, Organisation and Communication. I have always experienced change as a compelling challenge and an opportunity to think unconventionally, to formulate new and strategically far-sighted approaches to implementation in business organisation. My international experience has given me a strong intercultural understanding, as well as developing skills that allow me to identify trends and significant changes early; thus allowing me to take pragmatic decisions effectively and also to be able to proactively develop strategies aimed at achieving important objectives. Today, in addition to supporting companies and executives as a consultant, systemic business coach and trainer, I provide my heterogeneous knowledge, dedicating it to companies that operate in highly competitive contexts and live in a state of continuous and rapid evolution.

The fire you want to ignite in others
must first burn inside you.

Augustinus Aurelius


2004 - 2018
Schwarz Group
2004 – 2015
Lidl Italia & Lidl Malta, 11.000 employees

2004 - 2005: Area Manager
2005 - 2006: Department Head, Sales Organization and Cost Management
2006 - 2009: Head of Project Management - Administration and Finance Division
2009 - 2011: Head of Press Office and PR
2011 - 2015: Director Human Resources Division

2015 - 2018
Lidl Germany, 80.000 employees

2015 - 2018: CHRO - Member of the Board of Directors, Human Resources Division

2015 - 2016: Member of the Academic Council of the "Dual Hochschule", Baden-Württemberg, Mosbach

2018: Dorotea – Way to Success is born: Let´s develop together!


Degree in Statistics and Business Management, University of Padua

Systemic Business Coach (Academy of Munich for systemic business coaching)

Trainer - Train the Trainer (Munich Trainer-Lounge)

eTrainer, Mindsystems Munich

OKR Champion Masterclass, Murakamy Munich

What others say

"I met Dorotea during theperiod in which she held the position of Director oftheHuman Resources Division for Lidl Italy, appreciating its human and professional characteristics. Through her strong predisposition to take initiatives, a significant boost to the development of the entire departmentwas enabled, transferring enthusiasm to the collaborators and accompanying the managers towardthe path of innovation. As a consequence of hercommitment and the excellent results achieved, Dorotea was appointed as a Member of the Board of Directors of Lidl Germanyin 2015. Thanks to her excellent intuition, aimed at economically sustainable, efficient and creative solutions, Doroteasuccessfully contributed to the realisation of the new company orientation. In particular I want to mention the image campaign (Employer Branding) and the new concept of Leadership, themes that through Dorotea´s commitment have been implemented in business dynamics throughout Lidl Germany appreciated and held in great esteemDorotea as a colleague, as she always managed to generate new stimuli."

Christine Rittner, Executive Board Human Resource, Lidl

What others say

"For Lidl Italy, Mader wasinstrumental in helping the company achieve a better reputation initsterms as anemployer. In fact, Lidl was the first company in the GDO food sector to enter Italy´s "Great Placesto Work" top ten. Lidl states: "Dr. Mader will bring, among other things, her experience in Lidl Germany to increase the image level as an employerat a national level."

(cit. Lebensmittel Zeitung 37, 11.09.2015)

What others say

"Dorotea is a person full of energy, a manager who knows how to act in a reflexive way and someone who is intrinsically endowed with great motivational skills. I was positively impressed by her ability to know how to put herself forward in a convincing way, while always maintainingrespect towards everyone, collaborators and customers alike. The same goes for her career path; through performance of managerial and operational functions, participation as a member of the Board of Directors of a multinational company, herintercultural competence and open and cheerful way of communicating, Dorotea became established as a prestigious and recognised representative of European management. "

(Dr. Willhelm von Trott zu Solz, Senior Executive Consultant, - The Boardroom - a brand of the Von RundstedtGroup).