Employer Branding

"A company's reputation as an employer is not an option for deciding whether it should be formed or not. Whether we like it or not, this is an unavoidable factor, regardless of whether we are aware of it. This is a process in progress, upon which we can decide whether to make it characteristic by chance or by actual events, by being protagonists in directing it." (Radermacher 2013)

Facts and Figures

In the future competition between companies will not be limited to a mere question of product, but will be characterised primarily by the struggle to attract the best employees.

Analysts and experts agree that the shortage of qualified personnel will continue to increase, due in part to the trend in negative demographic directions.

According to McKinsey's study "Qualified Personnel as a Competitive Factor", by as early as 2020 the German economy will lack 2 million qualified resourcesand by 2030 the number will rise to an impressive figure of 5.2 million.

This trend concerns, affects and also involves South Tyrol as well as the whole of Italy.

For example, according to the Excelsior survey, 30% of the profiles soughtin South Tyrol are classified as difficult to find and select.

At the same time, new generation workers (Generation Y and Z) are becoming much more demanding: the "War for Talents" is increasingly oriented towards a strong corporate culture, based on the identity and the employment of motivated and involved collaborators in corporate strategies

The brightest and most talented minds are oriented towards companies that are characterised by a strong reputation as an employer (employer branding).

In as such whenthey come into contact with similar realities, they become the best ambassadorsof the company, faithful and positive towards those who offer them opportunitiesfor stimulationand growth.

Way to Success

An attractive corporate reputation is not and cannot be invented overnight.

Only by aprocess of small steps, the predisposition to changeis achievableand therefore a long-term strategy isnecessary.

Satisfied employees are the driving force behind a successful company.

Through an absolutely sustainable return on investment (ROI), theseconditionscan be created to form a high corporate reputation as an employer and thus attract more talented and qualified personnel.

The collaborators, in particular, new ones, who feel recognised and valued, as well as becoming protagonists of in company success, will increasingly identify themselves with the company, feelingactive and proactive.All the while securing a competitive advantage!

Your company’sculture will evolve successfully and will radiate inside, as well as outside the company.

An excellent company reputation as an employer will positively influence its customers over time.

In this process of growth, I will support and guide you in order to travel the "Way of Success” together.


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